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Tippler's Bane

Coprinopsis Atramentarius- also known as Tippler's Bane

Coprinopsis mushrooms, and a few other genera of mushrooms, are referred to as Inky Cap mushrooms, because they begin to break down and liquify from the bottom of the cap, upward, once they are mature.

Tippler's Bane is edible, if it is still white, and not turning black, but it should NOT be consumed with alcohol. It contains coprine, which is the active ingredient in anabuse - so if you want to store up a load of these mushrooms to use in place of a costly prescription, they will work just as well in deterring consumption of alcohol!

Tippler's Bane mushrooms should be harvested, and processed as quickly as possible, because picking them will increase the rate at which they break down, and if you are not prompt, you'll have a puddle of goo instead of an edible mushroom! They may be dried, or frozen, but should go from storage to cooking pot without thawing or rehydrating at room temp.

This mushroom grows in lawns, compost piles, on disturbed ground, and often at the base of old stumps where the wood from the stump is well decomposed under ground. It is a good mushroom for growing in wood-chip or deep compost gardens.

Tippler's Bane are actually a pretty good sized mushroom. The caps are shorter than Shaggy Manes, and smoother, and may have a silvery or even bronzish tint to them as they age.

They emerge from the ground, in a series of bullet shaped protrusions, and the color of the top will be highly dependent upon the moisture in the mushroom. When Tippler's Bane mushrooms are young, the cap edge will still be under the turf or soil or compost, and the stem will be under that - but once they get close to maturity they seem to shoot upward so that the bottom of the cap will stand above the ground.

They are considered one of the easier mushrooms to cultivate outdoors, just scatter the spawn into a suitable habitat. They'll appear in the fall, during cooler or wetter weather spells, or shortly following weather changes.

We carry Tippler's Bane dried spawn in our Mushroom Store.


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